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Footstack Chat was set up on 6 April 2019, just a week before the official launch of Footstock, it was created for people who were trying find their way around this new, exciting platform.

The chat function is powered by Slack, a collaboration tool used by businesses to help with communication and project flow. It is also a wonderful tool for communities to come together and discuss something they are interested in.

We have grown rapidly, gaining over 200 members in the first few months, it has proved invaluable for members in many ways. Direct links with the owners allowing us to ask questions and get support. Putting forward ideas for improvements and seeing actual action take place based on our thoughts has been revolutionary.

The Chat is made up of a number of channels which help people find information and the discussions taking place about specific aspects of Footstock.

1) Announcements - This is the channel where only Admin can post, its where things such as the most recent e-mail updates go.

2) Articles - Links to Footstock Chat articles and also other articles created by members can be found here.

3) Buys and Sells - A place where people suggest players they wish to buy or sell and the price they are prepared to take with an eye on making a deal.

4) Footstock - This is where the magic happens, the main channel for general Footstock discussion.

5) Packs - This is the place where people discuss what players they have received and the different strategies they have tried.

6) Stat Roulette - A place to brag about your successes and commiserate your losses.

7) Swapshop - Tips and trick regarding the swapping of inactive players.

8) Tournament - Discussing the latest tournaments, looking at stats and finding value plays.

9) Transfer Window - Considering new players who are joining the league or how players leaving will affect current players

10) Wish List - Where people put forward suggestions regarding how they feel Footstock could improve and Footstock provide their thoughts on the plans for the future.

Footstock Chat has been pivotal in helping me understand the many layers of Footstock it has also been a great way to add to the enjoyment I get playing the most exciting entrant to the DFS and Trading sector.

So if you want to join a thriving community who love to chat about Footstock and what its future will look like, then come and join now, all are welcome.

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Footstock is the latest evolution in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Football Trading sector, it is disrupting the industry with rake free contests tied to player trading, this mix creates loyalty to a product like never seen before.

To find out more about Footstock join Footstock Chat where you can get all the answers to your Footstock questions.

Alternatively if you are ready to give Footstock a try, take a deep breath and remember this moment, you will look back in fondness at the point when you first became a Footstock fanatic, welcome to my world!

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