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When people think of trading it conjures up images of Wall Street, Stocks and Shares and Warren Buffet, a world full of old, rich people where the rest of us struggle to get out alive. Whilst trading on Footstock may be thought of in the same way by the uninitiated it is actually a world that has been designed for people who understand online gaming, apps and most of all football.

Trading in general is all about buying low and selling high, the ability to work out when something is actually low and how high it will go. The trading on Footstock is no different, you purchase a player and hold for as long as you wish with the option to sell at a later date for either a profit or a loss. But the real skill lies in understanding the value of the player you hold. This is the true beauty of Footstock, the value of a player is not linked to just one aspect but there are multiple ways of finding an effective strategy. To explore this in more detail check out the article - How to make money on Footstock.

Trading on Footstock uses what is known as an order book system, this is common in other types of trading, particularly in the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. It is a system that at first glance can take some getting used to but once it clicks you realise it is a very simple and efficient way to trade. Each player has an individual buy and sell price, the buy price for you is the cheapest amount that somebody else is prepared to sell the player for right now. Likewise the sell price for you is the highest amount someone else is prepared to buy a player for right now. If you wish to buy or sell a player you can either pay the best price that is available or you can create a buy or sell order of your own. If you want to explore this system in more depth check out the Quick Bites article - Order Book.

Footstock is the latest evolution in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Football Trading sector, it is disrupting the industry with rake free contests tied to player trading, this mix creates loyalty to a product like never seen before.

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Alternatively if you are ready to give Footstock a try, take a deep breath and remember this moment, you will look back in fondness at the point when you first became a Footstock fanatic, welcome to my world!

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