The Final Predictor Monitor - GW8

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

In Gameweek 8 we saw a realy strong performance from both Fantasy Football Scout and Fantasy Football Hub. Both hitting over 90% which we have not seen since Gameweek 3.

The Footstock Hub boys found themselves in unfamiliar territory down at the bottom of this weeks table after previously being impressively consistent.

This will be the final edition to the Prediction Monitor so it’s time to summarise our findings.

If we look at the final results we can see that Fantasy Football Scout has the edge over the rest.

On Fantasy Football Scout's site they go into some depth on the latest news and manager news conferences which is a clear indication of the time and attention to detail that they put into their predictions and this is paying off with their results.

The ‘Amateur’ groups FPLTIPZ and Footstock Hub have done themselves proud, quite often beating the ‘Professionals’. Their strategy of dividing the research so that 20 individuals research and complete their predictions for a particular club is a great idea and has shown to be really effective. The FPLTIPZ group came 2nd overall and had Footstock Hub been there from the beginning would have very likely been up there too.

An honourable mention must also go Fantasy Football Hub who have often been near or at the top but just didn’t quite have the consistency of Fantasy Football Scout.

Personally, going forward I will still be using some of these sites for guidance when choosing my teams but certainly not use them as gospel as it has shown the difficulty in predicting the lineups, especially in this unusual and compact season.

Previous to doing this series of articles I think personally I placed too much faith on certain sites team predictions. This series has given me a clear indication that some sites are better than others.

Perhaps it can be revisited again at a later date to see if this still remains the case. I wouldn’t want any of them to rest on their laurels.

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