Predictor Monitor - GW6

Last week we saw the Footstock Hub boys debut and come out on top. This week they backed up that impressive showing by coming joint first. Joining them were the guys over at FPLTIPZ who must have been spurred on by Footstock Hub's impressive debut.

The results between our sites were a lot closer in general this week and a marked improvement overall from a low success rate last weekend. FF Hub and FF Scout came 3rd and 4th respectively but once again they have been beaten by the groups.

Rotowire prop up the table while Whoscored results certainly improved this week but not enough to close the gap on those above them.

This week we have decided to drop Sportsmole from our results due to them not having the Monday night games by Saturday lunchtime.

We have another busy week of football ahead and with the October Monster tournament over on Footstock today getting the weekends picks are of paramount importance. Good luck to everyone this weekend.

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