Predictor Monitor - GW5

In game week 5 we saw a few teams make big changes to their lineups, most notably West Brom, who’s team up to this point had been quite predictable. It looks like West Brom used the international break to bed in a few of the new signings and they had a much changed back four of Townsend, Ivanovic, Hegazy, Furlong. From our 7 sites only one correctly predicted 1 out of 4 of the back line while the rest got zero. Ouch

Man United, Crystal Palace and Sheffield United also threw in a few surprises to the lineups which resulted in bringing down the success averages of our sites to the lowest point of the season. Even lower than the opening weekend.

This week we saw a new site enter the fray in FootstockHub and what a debut it was. With a 82.27% success rate they beat regular winners Fantasy Football Scout to be the best of Gameweek 5.

Using a similar principal to the FPLTIPZ team, FootstockHub put together guys from the Footstock slack forums to cover individual teams which that person has extensive knowledge of. 

On Footstock getting team predictions right can be the difference between winning tournaments and winning zilch and it looks like the guys on Footstock slack know their stuff.  The pressure is now on them now to repeat it this weekend!

The overall performance is starting to come together a bit more with Fantasy Football Scout maintaining the lead and Sportsmole bringing up the rear.

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