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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

1) What is your name?

Footstock Chat: ucananalyse2much

Twitter: @ucananalyse2mu1 (I ran out of characters)

2) What is your Footstock related background?

I’ve played FPL for as long as I can remember with a couple of top 1000 finishes (575th in 08/09 and 136th in 13/14) as well as a lot of dross years too! The Guardian paper also used to run a “Pick the Score” competition where you predicted premiership scores (similar to Super6 now) which they’ve since stopped but I won that in 2009 too.

I’ve also been on Football Index since February 2018 and have used some of the profits from that to set myself up on Footstock. When I joined Football Index I also had a 1 month long venture into Crypto but it wasn’t for me - I got bored and just didn’t like the way I had no control over the outcome (I would have had to get into alt coins to make it interesting and I simply wasn’t that interested in it).

I’ve dabbled at online poker but I’m bloody awful at it when sober and worse when drunk so I try and stay away from it now! I will however bet on any sport that is on at the time - with varying success :-)

As a result Footstock seemed to be a natural next step to try (I only started playing in GW2 this season) and I’ve loved it from the outset. 3) What is your portfolio size?

I never intended to put as much money as I have in so early but I sort of just got carried away. I’m not particularly patient so wanted to get a big port as quickly as I could so that I could compete in all the tournaments even though I know it wasn’t the best way to do it financially. I’ve got £6,000 in at the minute but I’m trying to keep a floating amount in my wallet to be able to enter tournaments each week - the TourneyHero comp has “forced” me to enter all the comps each week! Although that’s quite a big investment to invest so soon I think most people should be able to start out on Footstock and get a decent portfolio with much less money than that. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing it the way I did but I tend to go all or nothing when I do things (On Football Index I borrowed £15k from the bank after my first month and went all in too – it paid off and helped me fund Footstock but again, please don’t take this as advice!!)

4) What is your portfolio structure?

The structure is best described as “Random”. I’ve got just under 5000 players now with a view to trying to get the little reward sticker number 9! So about 2000 of them are under 10p which I’ll begin to sell up once I’ve got that reward (unless they bring in a 10000 player reward of course J).

Outside of that I’ve tried to focus on getting a few of the key players in each team for the single game tournaments with a heavier focus on the top teams for the multi week tournaments.

Finally I’m trying to build up a collection of either the biggest youth prospects, injured players who should increase in price when they are back playing and a few who have started the season slowly and but should pick up at some point.

5) What is your strategy?

My main focus is on tournaments but I’ll be doing more trading now that I’ve pretty much got my tournament port to where I think it needs to be. I need to tidy up my port so I’ll start doing that soon.

6) What do you like about Footstock?

It took me a while to join due to time commitments and limited bandwidth but I went from knowing nothing to being 100% addicted within a week. I think the best thing about Footstock is the limited barrier to entry - if you play FPL (which most people do) then you’ll get Footstock immediately. There are also tournaments for different budgets and I’m excited to see how the tournaments develop to suit different target audiences.

I also like how responsive Footstock seem to have been with feedback from the community and how open they are to suggestions for improvement. We have to remember that the product is still very much in its early stages but its already really good and I can see how it can be scaled up.

The main thing for me though is that I think of it as FPL on speed - you get the FPL buzz on a weekly and match by match basis. And I don’t have to wait until the end of the season to win money as a result.

6b) What are you expecting to achieve on Footstock?

To be honest I don’t really know yet as I’ve only been on a few weeks. I’ve started well though with a first and second place in the TourneyHero competitions so I’m over the moon with that. I do have to be careful though – I’ve entered all 80 tournaments in gameweeks 3 and 4 as a result and I’m not sure that I can continue to do that whilst also maintaining my marriage!

I’ve been keeping a record of all the tournaments I’ve entered so that I can monitor my success levels with the various tournaments styles such as the number of players, the entry fee, the number of entrants etc. I’m already seeing patterns which I think may be useful when I become more selective over the tournaments I enter. But I must be doing something right as I’ve been in the money a fair amount but I think understanding patterns will be important to maximise chances/profits further down the line.

I think I’d like to get to a position where I’m just playing with profit and still have a port that allows me to competitively enter most tournaments if I want to. I appreciate that may be a while off so in the short term I see this as an additional bit of fun where I can hopefully make a bit of money.

6c) What is your long term plan and how do you see it going?

This pretty much lies in the hands of the platform - I can see the huge potential for the platform and as it grows I’ll just adapt my strategy as I think necessary. If the number of users increases significantly I think the potential for profits and expansion of the tournament format is huge.

One of the things that convinced me about the future of FI was when I went to one of the trader meets and got a sense of their future plans and marketing. I’m still early in my Footstock journey but I’d like to do something similar if possible as I think that will heavily influence what my longer term strategy will be.

A word of advice for anyone reading though – if you do attend a trader meet do not use it as evidence of you thoroughly researching a company before you invest in the platform - I tried this argument with my wife when (a year in) I told her about FI and she accused me of living a second life. Ooops.

7) Which players do you presently think are the best value and why? To date I’ve made the most money on the players like Mason Mount and Sebastien Haller who were in short supply and I got a few of them in the card packs that I’ve bought. But to be honest I’ve not really been in selling mode just yet. We’re still early in the new season too so we haven’t seen all the breakthrough players just yet but I suspect these will be the most profitable - the youth that cement their first team places (in particular attacking players) and then anyone who is returning from injury who may be underpriced at present. I’ve not quite got a full feel for what a good market price is for a particular player just yet so my main focus for longer term profit is mainly youth (surprise surprise!!) who could see first team action soon and are still very cheap. 8) What advice would you give a new trader?

The first tip would be to read the FootstockChat guide ( as I found it very useful. As ever with these types of platforms, understanding the scoring system should be the first thing you do too – it’s critical to being as successful as possible in the tournaments. Also, make sure that you know that the system uses Order Books and so you don’t have to bid/pay the price advertised in the Market. This will be new to anyone who is joining from an FI background and for me this is one of the reasons why I think FS is more suited to players with smaller budgets as the difference between buy and sell prices means that trading profits can be made easily if you pick the right players (someone is a lot more likely pay the buy price if they realise they need a player just before the game kicks off!)

Also, if you are on a smaller budget then don’t be too concerned if you don’t have the biggest players or enter the higher entry fee tournaments. A lot of my tournament success has actually come from the lower end players and the smaller entry fee tournaments (I’ve been in the money in 55% of the Free tournaments that I’ve entered compared to only 32% of Pro and due to the number of paid spots as more people enter I think anyone is in with a good chance to win money in the free tournaments).

I don’t profess to be an expert yet as I’m only 3 weeks in but I think I can attribute my early success to changing the team choice depending on the tournament style and also considering the predicted score (not just the result) for a game when selecting the team. As examples, if you have to pick 5 or 7 players for a single game, the points that you get for having players on the winning team has more impact than if you only have to pick 3 players (as there are more of them) so I tend to focus more on picking all players from one team where I think there is a clear favourite.

Similarly where I think there is likely to be a clean sheet, the number of players you have to pick should influence your choices.

Finally, having just experienced the price changes during this international break, don’t be too concerned if sell prices drop – it was a little bit of a surprise to me having come from an FI background but having discussed with others in the FS community it now makes sense to me and doesn’t concern me – in fact I’m using it as an opportunity to get my 5000 player reward…nearly there!

9) What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

I’ve not had massive wins in the roulette / swap but had a good bunch of players when I did 250 swaps together with a few players like Greenwood, CHO, Reiss Nelson, Tammy Abraham etc all coming in. I actually had this yesterday – Jannick Vestergaard got me a VVD.

The best moment though was when I got two Mason Mounts in the same Bronze pack and got a Pukki in the one after. I’ve also had an Aguero and B Silva in Bronze packs too. It’s part of the reason why I’ve bought too many packs :-)

10) What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the tournament formats evolve as more people come onto the platform. And, collecting as many reward stickers as I can - I know this shouldn't be a main draw but I can’t help it - it takes me back to my Panini days. I actually think the rewards section could create demand for a broader spectrum of players which I think will be important for the future growth of the platform – at the minute there are probably too many players at the lower end that have little value so if the rewards or something else can help improve that I think it can only be a good thing.

But overall I’m actually itching for the international break to finish so that I can play the tournaments again. I’m a little but obsessed right now.

Footstock is the latest evolution in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Football Trading sector, it is disrupting the industry with rake free contests tied to player trading, this mix creates loyalty to a product never seen before.

To find out more about Footstock join Footstock Chat where you can get all the answers to your Footstock questions.

Alternatively if you are ready to give Footstock a try, take a deep breath and remember the moment when you first became a Footstock fanatic, welcome to our world!

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