Meet the Manager - Girty

1) What is your name?


2) How long have you been on Footstock, how did you hear about it and what is your Footstock related background?

I heard about Footstock through the FI twitterverse and purchased some of the Indiegogo perks.

Background wise, I’ve been on Football index for almost three years now. Despite FI not actually being quite what I expected when I signed up, it opened my mind to alternative betting platforms and how to actually come up with a plan to win money rather than going with my gut feeling and hoping ‘x’ player scores or that my tenfold BTTS acca comes in. I’m pretty sure 90% of my profit is thanks to FI’s marketing pushes and user growth as opposed to myself actually being a good trader! Although I do think I’m more patient than most traders, which is a real help.

As with any millennial football fan, I grew up with Football Manager & FUT, both great games but have recently grown tired of the ‘rinse & repeat’ factor. And then there's FPL/Sun Dream Team, I’d usually sign up at the start of the season and my attention span would very much be dictated by where I’m sat in various mini-leagues at the turn of the year.

I can comfortably say that the lessons I’ve learnt from all of the above platforms have helped me profit from Footstock since launch.

3) What is your portfolio size?

I went fairly boldly during the IGG campaign and purchased the Mansour plus a few other packs/perks, ending up with roughly £800 for opening day. I’ve made several other deposits and spent most of my tournament winnings on new cards; the new ‘Collection value’ feature shows that my collection would sell for a lot more than I’ve deposited and would cost even more if someone wanted to signup and match my collection today, so I’m extremely pleased to be rewarded for getting in early.

*Spoiler - Now is still early!*

Current overview (based on the rewards figures)

Collection instant sale + Cash balance = 200% x Net deposits.

1359 Cards in total.

4) What is your portfolio structure?

In general I hold between 3 & 7 of the cards I’d actually consider entering into tournaments with the expectations than a couple will go into the £10k freeroll, another couple into the weekly freerolls and then the remaining into the other tournaments I choose to enter. I don’t like entering tournaments without the specific cards I would like to pick. I have been caught out a few times by not having some of the newly transferred players, i.e Pulisic, Cancelo etc. I’m slowly trying to fix that.

Most held I think is Shelvey, I couldn’t believe he was going for pennies considering he’s arguable the only real talent at Newcastle and everything goes through him. He is slowly turning himself into some very large raffle tickets.

5) What is your strategy?


I have rarely purchased packs since launch because I like to be specific with the players I buy.

Of the handful I did purchase these were the two larger packs, reasons below. Having said that, I do actually think the packs are a lot more generous than I originally anticipated when reviewing the distribution chart, most likely due to the ‘minimum value safety net’.

1 x 100 player bronze pack with a discount voucher when the £10k freeroll started because Laca/Pogba etc were on offer and I knew I’d need a lot of the lower guys to meet the entry requirements

1 x Large silver pack with 50% new players available, my highlight of them all with 3 x Pepe. With the newly signed players going for a premium on the market I thought I’d chance it with this pack.

Market buy/selling

When FS first launched I was reaping good rewards buying low and selling high, making the most of the wide spreads in the order books, in what was for many a new way of trading. Since then, based on my own opinion of the card values and where I think the market should settle, I currently do a lot more buying than selling, especially with FS releasing more components to add value to cards, i.e raffle now giving value to the bottom end of the market where previously there was little reason to hold/buy.


As most did at the start, I enjoyed many good wins on the 10p roulette after working out the various niches in the market, particularly in buying the defensive midfielders on the cheap and hoping they would come up against an attacking midfielder in roulette. My highlight is undoubtedly using a Seri to win back to back Mane’s.

Since the addition of the new ‘tourney roulette’ & ‘raffle’ my attention has now gone to buying players on the market who I think in the medium term future will earn me a large number of raffle tickets based on the price I pay for them. Once I think they’re at a point where the PPG growth is levelling off I’ll reassess whether they’re worth more in the raffle, sold to market or chanced in roulette.


Now this is why I’m on Footstock, I absolutely love the tournaments. My particular favourites are the single or multi-week amateur tournaments (Super Amateurs) for me they take a little of the luck factor away and are more skill-based because there are more fixtures and generally a larger number of cards are required to enter. My current strategy is to enter all freerolls, obviously, along with the various forms of big beginners and amateurs I previously mentioned. If I find myself with very little chance of winning with only a few games left I will sometimes enter a single game tournament to keep myself entertained. Will usually budget myself around £10-15 for tournaments each gameweek, which does seem ridiculously small considering my collection size but it’s enough to engage me :)

6) What do you like about Footstock?

Everything I previously mentioned along with the exciting product growth we’ve experienced in the last 6 months.

Another major fun factor for me is both the Footstock community along with our not-so-secret micro community of Girts. Some of these are blood relatives but some have been initiated into the clan by adopting an appropriate username which I’m sure you will have seen on various leaderboards (the current theme seems to be a Girty Star Wars character, despite non of us actually being big fans of the franchise). We’re constantly trying to get one over on each other and cannot wait for private lobbies to be available so Mr Bicknell can stop taking our Almirons/McTominays and Mr Mitcham our tournament money!

Jokes aside, this type of product relies heavily on the positive reinforcement these communities provide and the work FootstockChat and the Footstock team have done to encourage this has worked wonders, especially during the slow offseason period, so thanks!

7) Which players do you presently think are the best value and why?

Shelvey (when he was under 30p) - I have around 40 or so, and I’m usually the highest bidder in case anybody is feeling generous. As previously mentioned his raffle value alone is worth the price but he’s also had a few good tournament scores lately too.

Delph - if he can break into that Everton team and have a regular run of games you're looking at 10 PPG worth of raffle tickets almost regardless of performance.

And as a more premium pick I would have to say the players around the 3* mark in general as they’re extremely cheap and can be used in the amateur tournaments to win back their value without the risk of coming up against the top cards due to the entry restrictions. Good scorers are McNeil, Ryan Fraser, Felipe Anderson, etc. I generally like the players who run the games for their teams or are the main attacking outlet to give a better chance of being involved in goals. This also brings me to another great aspect of Footstock: their scoring matrix is heavily weighted in favour of the exciting moments in football matches, like take ons, tackles, saves, shots on target, etc. I find myself cheering on exciting football, which cannot be said for all platforms!

Honourable mention - Despite not being quite as exciting as outfield players, Goalkeepers are tremendous value at their current prices, in no small part down to the fact they don’t lose points for conceding, so not getting a clean sheet isn’t a big deal if they’re getting peppered by the opposition, 1 clean sheet = 5 saves. Obviously they’re unlikely to hit the peaks which a striker could hit but it’s quite rare I notice them scoring less than 10 points, and they’re much less likely to be benched suddenly.

8) What advice would you give a new trader?

1) Make the most of the generous sign-up perks

2) Be fussy about which players you buy, especially at the start. I would recommend looking at the freerolls for the forthcoming gameweek and pick the specific players from the market to enter those (don’t always bid the current sale price unless you’re in a rush to beat the entry deadline). By entering the freerolls, you’ll get a good feel for the scoring system and tournament entry requirements.

3) When you feel like you have the gist of it, begin targeting specific paid tournaments. With the reduced player pool the odds of someone getting the perfect lineup are much lower than in the freerolls and with the guaranteed prize pots with no rake at worst you are on a level playing field.

4) Games, practise small and monitor what other people are doing.

5) Finally, if you think a player is underpriced buy them, and buy a few! I’ve been caught out a few times by leaving it late only to see the market soon correcting itself.

9) What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

As mentioned earlier, this is without a doubt my back to back Mane’s using a Seri.

Getting a Mason Mount as a free card from one of my Rewards coupons was also a fantastic surprise, still my only Mount!

10) What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

This is quite hard to say. If you asked me at the start of the season I wouldn’t have even dreamt of a huge £10k season long freeroll, extra games, all the UI improvements, a fully functioning payment system... ;) etc. Sometimes you don’t realise what you’re missing until you get it.

Private tournament lobbies and the inevitable market realignment will both be exciting for me personally, although when the latter eventually happens I’ll no doubt miss the current market prices.

A pink slips style tournament might be interesting too though, where instead of paying to enter a standard tournament, your cards are at risk and the prize would be a portion of the cards entered, dependent on finishing position. Even a 1v1 version, to keep things simple.

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