Meet the Manager - Danilo

1) What is your name?

My name is Danilo, i’m Danilo everywhere, Twitter, Slack etc

2) How long have you been on Footstock, how did you hear about it and what is your Footstock related background?

I’m on Footstock since the very beginning, in fact I was the very first to back the indiegogo campaign with a substantial amount back then.

I remember I stumbled across their fundraising page and got intrigued, I spoke to a few people about it and was torn, I wanted to get involved but had many unanswered questions I needed to clear before committing a substantial amount of money and therefore I have asked a list of questions to FS themselves.

After a few days of further thinking and having spoken to the owner who was very passionate and detailed in answering my queries I decided I couldn't let the opportunity to join such an intriguing project at that very early stage, I was and still am fully aware a start up comes with risks and excitement, the classic high risk high reward scenario is so appealing to a gambler so I decided to give it a go and backed them with over 1k to start off with purchasing the 2 biggest packs available at the time.

I then shared it on social media and various chats and quite a few people have shown an interest, a few more have bought into the concept and started to back them, in a matter of days it snowballed with loads more people coming onboard and jumping on, FOMO really kicked in at that stage especially in the Football Index community as they probably felt an opportunity to get on a similar product early could not have been let go although the platforms are very different and not direct competitors in my opinion.

The reasons I liked the concept is because i see it as a very clever blend, it has aspects which could appeal to users from of a mix of healthy and thriving concepts such as Football Index (where i’m an active user with a large portfolio), Fantasy Football (which i never played but know has plenty of enthusiastic users), FUT and DFS (again, those are not for me however there are plenty of others who think otherwise), ultimately I saw it as a place where you can use your love for football and knowledge to have some fun whilst trying to make some money out of it, what more can you ask?

I used to gamble quite a lot back in the days, I stopped completely a few years ago, just didn't like it anymore, probably the ability to bet online which took away the effort and thrill of betting combined with other work/family priorities just drove me away from it, I then found Football Index and opened an account out of curiosity, 2 years later I can state I was extremely happy to have opened that account and to be back in the gambling world (although both FI and FS don't have that pure betting feeling they are gambling products).

I really enjoy both Football Index and Footstock, i can use my football passion and knowledge in both these platforms and make money, they have very different dynamics and they can complement each other, players that may be very valuable in a platform are not necessarily so on the other, at the moment Football Index is the money making machine and Footstock is the fun and excitement

I have tried different things over the years both on the investments and gambling/entertainment fronts, stock market, crypto, poker, casinos, you name them, had a little dabble on them all and if anything else comes along I will probably give it a try to see if that’s for me but lost interest in all over time for a number of different reasons, these football related platforms really have been a game changer for me, long they may continue to bring entertainment as well as money, what more can you ask?

3) What is your portfolio size?

My portfolio is rather big, one of the biggest on FS i would guess, I’m a bit of a whale, when I do something I tend to do it properly.

4) What is your portfolio structure?

I have almost every player, the only one missing is at the moment is Pukki as I (wrongly?) didn't see him value for money, I like to have all players in order to be able to make educated decisions when entering tournaments, I have multiple cards of almost all of them, 3 or 4 is the bare minimum i want to have as if you want to enter all the tournaments they may not even be enough.

5) What is your strategy?

I like to be very active on both trading and tournaments as well as doing the Roulette daily, Footstock can be really addictive and there are many aspects which can really engage with different types of people.

Tournaments are fun and enjoyable, they are a big part of what I like about the platform, I enter all of them if I can make the time to do so when lineups are out, if not I will just enter them all up to Amateur based on predicted lineups.

Trading is another aspect I enjoy very much, I’m very active on the market, I buy players I need for tournaments, roulette or to have as spares as well as those I think will rise longer term, having said that i do some selling as well when i think those players will decline, I have too many, I made enough profits on them or I think I can pick them up cheaper further down the line

I’m not a fan of the cards collection aspect although can see it appealing to other users however I tend to stash players a bit, I like to have a fair few of those players I think represent value and definitely enough to use in tournaments, I tend to back specific players and use them in multiple tournaments, works well when they perform on the pitch and awfully when they don't.

6) What do you like about Footstock?

I really like the whole concept, it is a unique blend which should appeal to a very different variety of users.

I personally like the trading aspect and love the tournaments, when i can i always go and check how my line up is doing following a goal, the live updating aspect of the game makes it rather addictive.

Although I reckon it can represent poor value at times I also purchase packs every now and then just for the thrill of getting some random players and I also play the roulette daily, mostly i do all 15 spins although i should stop after 5 or 10

7) Which players do you presently think are the best value and why?

I opted for building a strong position on players I could pick up at low prices that i thought could be the next legendaries/epic given the right time and circumstances.

Gabriel Jesus is one I have made a little stash of (51!) as well as McNeil (44) and Saka (38), I also went for Diogo Jota (21), one could become the next Aguero, two are great talents doing well at their teams and soon to be due a move and the other the wonderkid I opted to go for.

On Footstock you can look into the future and build a position on players who you think will do well and become more valuable however you also need players who play and perform now as those are the ones to be used in tournaments in order to make money now rather than later, the McNeil and Diogo Jota profiles did fit both criteria hence my strong positions on those players.

8) What advice would you give a new trader?

To new users i would recommend to understand the platform, knowing what players are better suited to the scoring matrix is a must and also understand what drives player prices.

I would start building a collection with enough players from each team to enter tournaments, free and beginners/amateur are a good place to start understanding and learning, it is also very important to understand the rating restrictions for the tournaments, there is no point getting more than one/two of each of the legendary players if they are not planning to enter the Pro tournaments for example.

9) What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

For the roulette I tend to use strikers or keepers, the reason for doing so is that there are less players in those categories and the chances of matching an higher value cards are higher, I use good cards which can be a double sided blade as in pricy when you lose but worked well for me so far as I picked up a fair few legendary and epic cards over time.

In terms of swaps i have done all the basic and common players, you get a fair amount of dross but also a few gems like Abraham and Lo Celso amongst others.

10) What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

The platform is barely 6 months old, we can expect for it to change dramatically over the next few months as they introduce new features and make improvements.

I look very much forward to the see how it will develop, I think the introduction of tournaments for the European and domestic Cups could really be attractive for the FPL fans as they could try footstock to fill a gap in the market, a few will inevitably like the platform and promote it which would result in an increased user base.

Footstock is a new start up, errors will be made and it will be a slow burner however the creators have shown on many occasions they are receptive to feedback and will try to find that right balance which would make the platform appealable and enjoyable for many people

Footstock is the latest evolution in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Football Trading sector, it is disrupting the industry with rake free contests tied to player trading, this mix creates loyalty to a product never seen before.

To find out more about Footstock join Footstock Chat where you can get all the answers to your Footstock questions.

Alternatively if you are ready to give Footstock a try, take a deep breath and remember the moment when you first became a Footstock fanatic, welcome to my world!

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