List of free to enter FPL prize leagues

Everybody who plays Fantasy Premier League (FPL) knows about mini-leagues, often entered to create fun and rivalry between friends, family and work colleagues.

What a lot don't know is there are leagues out there created by companies/people who offer a prize to the winner and the great thing is they are free to enter.

This BANGER from Fantasy Football Hub is a classic example.

Free to enter and with total prizepool of £5,000 it should be the first thing you join, somebody has to take down that £3,000 first prize, why not you?

Follow this link to find out more -

Over the last five years we have won over 5,000 worth of prizes in these FPL prize leagues and now we are giving you the chance to get hold of our list of leagues.

List as at 10 Sep 2020

To get access to the list all you have to do is:-

1) Follow us on Twitter

2) Retweet these two tweets - Footstock Chat FPL Prize League and List of FPL Prize Leagues

3) Send us a direct message on Twitter confirming your e-mail address.

We will then e-mail you a link to the list.

Whilst you are here, why not join the free to enter £100,000 tournament being run by Footstock. You can set up an account and enter the tournament without making a deposit. Just click on the banner below to claim your welcome pack!

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