How to avoid non starters and wasted entries.

There has been some debate recently about the use of “substitutes” that can be used in tournaments should any non starters be selected. When i started out on Footstock last year i wasted a fair amount of money on teams that included non starters and I was therefore strongly in favour of a substitute option on the platform.

The question was what would I do in the meantime to reduce the risk of non starters ?

The first thing I did was to note who the players were that were picked week in and week out for the various clubs and compiled a list. Although this was really useful and allowed me to pick effective teams just based solely on this criteria the problem was what if I wanted to include players who's selection was not guaranteed?

I then discovered FootstockHub who give a list of the most probable lineups for each club the day before match day which is really useful and again improves the accuracy of user team selections. Now at this point my teams were about 85% accurate but how could I improve my selection accuracy?

After doing some further research I discovered a wealth of information on the sites listed below:-

  1. Twitter @BenDinnery (injury updates)

  2. Sofascore

  3. Whoscored

  4. Rotowire

  5. Fantasy Football Scout

  6. FootstockStats

  7. Fantasy Football Hub

I personally use all of them for various pieces of information I get my team drafts together and spend around half an hour every match day or the night before checking my selections are starting, it really is time well spent and saves a lot of wasted entries.

I now think that Subs are not needed because all the information is out there for us. You could even run into a situation where even your sub isn’t selected.

Points To Remember

  • Select your core team from regular starters

  • Use the sites listed for team changes and injuries

  • Check Footstock slack

  • Check club websites

I hope this information helps !

Good luck everyone

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