How many goals does it take to win a Footstock Virtual Tournament?

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Footstock’s Virtuals are in full swing. Over 100 games have been played since the season ended and the Virtual Championship is starting later today. Many people, like myself, are yet to win any of the Virtual Tournaments and experience the ‘high’ of the top prizes. So, what does it take to win a Virtual Tournament? We took a dive into the stats behind the winner of every single round of the Virtual Qualifiers (VQ) to see how many goals, assists and overall points you need to take top place.


As you would expect, as you go up from beginner to pro the average number of goals increases. The average of the winners from all the qualifiers is 2.6 for Beginners, 3.5 for Amateurs and 4.4 for the Pros. Unsurprisingly, there was not a single winner who did not get at least 1 goal from their players.

The most goals in beginners was 6, in VQ5 and the lowest was shared between a few different qualifiers where just 1 goal was scored. Amateurs also had their highest number of goals in the same VQ and spent a few weeks with just 1 goal scored. The Pro tournament was by far the hardest, 9 goals for the winner of VQ7 and never a week without at least 2 goals.


In a similar fashion to goals, the number of assists was higher in the Pro tournament than in the Amateur and Beginner tournaments but this time the difference between categories was slim. Beginners lagged a bit behind with an average of 1.3 assists, but Amateurs was over twice that at 2.8. Pro ended just ahead with 3.1.

As the chart below shows, the number of assists never quite reaches the height that goals scored does. Beginners and Amateurs both have a record of 5 in one round while the Pros has two weeks with 6 assists. Interestingly, there were 5 different Beginner tournaments where the winning team failed to provide even one assist.

Total scores

Goals and assists are all well and good, but it is your total score that wins you the tournament. As you would expect, the average score is much higher in the Pro tournament than the Beginner but what is surprising is that the average per player is very similar across all the different levels.

So, what score do you think is needed to win the Virtual World Championship? With a prize pot that could exceed £10,000, it is clear you’ll need lots of goals and assists to win.

The charts and data in this article were collated by Total Footstock (@TotalFootstock).

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