FootstockChat Leaderboard - GW4

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

What a weekend we had for Gameweek 4. Footstock's amazing offer of up to £200 back for any losses saw boosted prize pools all weekend. Villa beating Liverpool 7-2 and Tottenham beating Man United 6-1 just added to the madness and we had what felt like a real festival of football. 

Up at the top of the leaderboard we saw tothemaxi with 3 top tens to continue to put the heat on on us as we picked up a second place of our own. We are both showing great consistency and could be in danger of pulling away from the pack. 

Danny5275400 might just be someone who could close the gap. Danny was a regular name at the top of our summer virtual leaderboards and came third overall. Danny had a fine weekend with 3 top ten cashes which included two second place finishes to fly up the leaderboard and into joint 10th place. 

Interestingly Danny and tothemaxi are the only two from the final top ten of the virtuals who make up are ‘real football’ top ten. 

There are now 198 users on our leaderboard. If you want to find yourself use the link below:

FootstockChat Leaderboard

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