FootstockChat Leaderboard - GW3

Gameweek 3 saw no change in the top 5 of the leaderboard this week but there is a notable entry into the top ten.

Maddogbeast is a name we have come accustomed to seeing at the top. of the leaderboards. He recently completed the incredible feat of winning gold, silver and bronze in the same set of tournaments only a few weeks ago. In Gameweek 3 he picked up three top tens and 16 points to climb into 6th place overall.

A nice story from last weekend came from new user Crazymoo. Having only joined a matter of days ago Crazymoo went and won the GW3 Beat Kammy Freeroll and £84.75 top prize. They also picked up 25 points for the win and are into joint 10th on our table.

We had 58 new usernames onto our leaderboard this weekend to take us up to 148 in total. Click below if you want to see where you are.

FootstockChat Leaderboard

Good luck in the tournaments this weekend!

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