FootstockChat Leaderboard - GW15 - The Final Leaderboard

Gameweek 15 saw the December monster and the conclusion of our leaderboard.

  • A massive congratulations go to Maddogbeast who finished off in style with a 2nd place in the Monster to go with his 1st place in November's edition. He has dominated the leaderboards all season and shown himself to be a very deserved winner.

  • December monster winner Gizmo took the huge £3,581.06 first-place prize. Gizmo amazingly only entered one team into the monster to beat all 874 entries while also getting his first points on our leaderboard. Congratulations Gizmo!

  • Fsmonkey took a 1st and a 10th to climb up to 3rd place in the overall rankings

  • Daveinstock had an excellent weekend with a 4th and 8th in the monster. Overall he got 3 top tens and was unlucky to just miss out on a top ten position overall to finish in 11th place.

Prize winners -

1st place - Maddogbeast.

We can announce that alongside the Two FC footstock shirts for 1st place a our winner will get a European player of their choice.

2nd - 5th prize was a Choice of a Footstock FC football shirt and that goes to the following:

2nd - andcgreen fpl 3rd - fsmonkey 4th - steveknightbg2 5th - lagdon

6th - 10th get a footstock t-shirt

6th - ffthinker 7th - vin unleaded 8th - ben-pz 9th - ffcommunity 10th - tothemaxi

Congratulations to them and all 457 users who managed to make it onto the leaderboard. To find out where you placed click the link here

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