FootstockChat Leaderboard - GW12

With GW12 complete and GW13 fast approaching let’s have a look at how the leaderboard is shaking up.

  • User Cheicktiote completed a very impressive feat in the Saturday bronze by getting a 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th in the same contest! On a very low scoring day in general, Checktiote gained an advantage over his rivals by backing a Newcastle side that many avoided due to the covid outbreak and the mystery over their lineup. Checktiote also achieved one more top ten over the weekend which took him to 85 points and 16th place overall.

  • User Jayliddi picked up his second win in the Silvers in two weekends. As a recent signup, Jay still qualifies for the new user contests but is showing he can already beat the veterans. Jay has deposited a total of £500 so far and has won more than double that in his short time on the platform. With another top ten in the gold this weekend Jay climbs to 53 points and joint 32nd on the leaderboard.

  • User Andcgreen continued their impressive form with 4 more top tens including a win to go to 155 points and into 4th in the leaderboard

  • Our leader Maddogbeast picked up another solid 4 top tens to extend his lead to 119 points. With only 3 more game weeks to go, he’s going to be hard to catch.

  • Last but certainly not least is user Fsmonkey who had the most prolific weekend of anyone yet with an incredible 10 top tens in GW12. This included 5 top three’s which of course means he also got 5 of those lovely gold tickets. Fsmonkey collected a total of 98 points over the weekend and shoots to 2nd on the overall leaderboard.

The total number of users to claim a top ten has now grown to an incredible 414. Click the link below to see where you are:

FootstockChat Leaderboard in full

Good luck to everybody for GW 13!

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