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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Gameweek 10 kicked off with the November Monster. With over 600 entrants, a £18,000 prize pool and over £3,000 going to first place it created a lot of buzz the whole weekend. With the 11 player, 28* format there is a lot of skill that goes into picking your team and that is perhaps why we saw some familiar names topping the leaderboard.

In 3rd place in the Monster was last weeks leader Callum Lagdon. Despite his heroic efforts in the Monster this was not enough to maintain his place at the top of the leaderboard. He’ll be able to comfort himself with the £1604.67 he took for 3rd place

User Andre managed to get 2nd place in the monster and had a fine weekend in general with another 1st and 5th elsewhere. Andre picked up £2199.66 for 2nd place, 46 points and climbed to joint 6th overall on the leaderboard.

The weekend though most definitely belonged to Maddogbeast . With a 1st and 5th in the Monster to go with another win in the Saturday gold plus another 4 top tens it’s fair to say he smashed it.

Maddogbeast not only took the £3029.04 for 1st place but he actually cashed a total of £5325.37 over the course of the weekend. I think for a lot of us, Footstock is some added excitement to the football and we are happy if we can win a little bit of money on top but Maddogbeast is showing that there is some serious money to be won if you have an edge over the rest, which he most certainly seems to have.

Check out the full leaderboard below to see how you are doing:

FootstockChat Leaderboard

Good luck this weekend!

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