FootstockChat Leaderboard - GW1 & 2

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Our leaderboard is back!

Over summer we ran the virtual tournament leaderboard to find out who was the Champ of the Virtuals. After a close fought battle tothemaxi eventually came out on top. 

Now real football is back! We want to see if some of our virtual supremo’s can do it in the real thing or not.

The leaderboard will work much like the last. Points will be allocated from 1st to 10th like so:

Qualifying rounds will be from all premier league contests, for example, Saturday early, Sunday/Monday and long weekend contests. The name of the contests may change but essentially if it involves multiple premier league games it will count. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Freerolls will all count towards points equally. 

Now to review the first two weeks of contests. Last week when we settled on the name "FootstockChat Leaderboard" we never expected to go on and smash Gameweek 2 and come out on top! 

We now adorn the top of our own leaderboard having managed a pretty impressive (even if we do say so ourselves) 8 top 10’s over game week 2.

Another notable name in second place is our virtual champion tothemaxi. Proving that they are just as good at the real thing as they are at the virtuals.

In third place we have FootstockHub’s Callum Lagdon. Callum managed to achieve 1st and 2nd place in the Sunday/Monday gold taking over £1,000 in prize money.

Currently only a 5th place or better will be enough to get in our Top 50 so plenty of motivation for this weekends tournaments if you want to get yourself on next weeks FootstockChat leaderboard.

If you can't see your name check out the full FootstockChat Leaderboard HERE.

Finally, a very special thanks to Footstock who have agreed to provide some prizes. The top 10 at Christmas at the end of game week 15 (Boxing Day fixtures) will win a prize (see the graphic above for details).

If you want to get an edge on your Footstock contests then check out Fantasy Football Hub.

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