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Updated: Jan 1

UPDATE 1 (19 Dec 2020) - Footstock have made some changes to the transaction history, if you ever notice a problem let us know and we will try to fix it.

To make sure your sheet includes any updates always get a new copy of the sheet from here each time you use it.

UPDATE 2 (1 Jan 2021) - The new Footstock desktop site does not allow you to copy the data. Please use the old website which can be found at a

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A really important part of any Footstock player's toolkit is the ability to manage their bankroll. I recommend everybody, new and old, have a read of the article below and builds at least of some of it into their process.

Bankroll Management

Kudos to MrWhite.

To complement bankroll management it is obviously important you track your overall results, it is also very useful to see how you are performing at different levels and types of contests so you can see where you need to improve. It's probably the most important Footstock stats you can use.

That's where the Contest Calculator comes in.

The Contest Calculator automates the tracking of your results, all you need to do is copy and paste details from your transaction history to get this.

Just use this link and then follow the instructions when you get there, it's as simple as that:

Footstock Contest Calculator

If you have any problems or notice anything wrong please send us a direct message on Twitter at

FootstockChat Twitter Account

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