Footstock Chat FPL £200 Prize League

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The question we've had on our mind for the last few days is how can we keep banging on about our list of free to enter FPL prize leagues and yet not have a league of our own, right?

We love FPL, but what may or may not surprise you is that we actually love Footstock more! In fact I would go as far to say, if you played both Footstock and FPL over the next season I guarantee you would agree too. Footstock is based on FPL style contests entwined with the ability to actually own the players in your squad, trading them for real money.

So we had an epiphany, why not launch an FPL prize league to promote Footstock.

So today we are announcing the launch of our Footstock Chat FPL Prize League with a first prize of £200.

That's right, for those who don't know what the hell is going on. We have set up a mini league on the Official Premier League site which you can enter for free, if you come first you take home the prize of £200.

Just to repeat, you enter for free and win £200.

The only requirement is that you set up, via us, a free account with Footstock and play in at least one of their free-roll contests (these are also free to enter and again you can win real money).

Like us, you then get to experience the most exciting addition to the fantasy football arena that we've ever seen. What's even better is that when you register your free account on Footstock it also comes with a bonus pack of three free player cards and a small cash bonus to get you started. What more could you want?

So what are you waiting for, check the terms and conditions below and follow the actions to get started.

Terms and Conditions

1) The prize of £200 will be paid to the team that finishes first in the " Prize League" on

2) The deadline for entry into the league is 1 March 2020 at this point the league will be closed.

3) Only one team per person is allowed.

4) The final decision in awarding prizes will rest with Footstock Chat.

5) You must have a Footstock account to enter the league.

6) Your Footstock account must have been successfully verified and in good standing by the end of the 2019/20 Premier League season.

7) You must have played at least one free-roll contest on Footstock before the end of the 2019/20 Premier League season.

If you do not have a Footstock account that was created on or before the 29 July 2019 then you must:

a) Retweet this tweet - Footstock Chat FPL £200 Prize League

b) Open a free, Footstock account using this link - Join Footstock Now

(If you do not use this link you will not be able to enter the league)

b) Send a direct message to FootstockChat on Twitter to find our more and get the League code.

If you have a Footstock account that was created before the 30 July 2019 then you must:

Join the Chat App and go to the announcement channel for further details.

If you have any questions please contact us on Twitter

If you want to find out more about Footstock and how it works, check out this Quick Read article - Footstock

Good Luck!

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