Footstock £100,000 Freeroll Analysis - 2 Star Goalkeepers

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

This was originally a Twitter thread and has been adapted with some editing from Footstock Chat.

With the 100k Freeroll teams being established throughout the Footstock community I thought now would be a good time to try my first Footstock article to help assist players with their choices.

In this thread i'll be focusing on the best 2 star Goalkeepers based on the research I have conducted through the fantastic Fantasy Football Hub whose Footstock content is forever growing.

Now why 2 star Goalkeepers? Well that's simple. They do represent great value in the market and will allow you to invest in heavier hitters elsewhere.

5) David De Gea

Firstly, it would be wrong to completely ignore a Goalkeeper that has 13 clean sheets to his name and only conceded 36 goals last season. Despite having a dismal season for his standards.

The risk is very clear. Not only will he take up one of your Manchester United slots instead of Greenwood, Bruno, Martial, Rashford etc. His place next season is very much under threat from somebody in Dean Henderson who conceded less goals than him last season (33).

So maybe the Spaniard is too risky for anybody this season.

4) Aaron Ramsdale

Aaron Ramsdale comes in to an impressive Sheffield United team that kept 13 clean sheets last season. Given his previous ties to the team, many are expecting him to adapt rather quickly.

However Aaron Ramsdale himself only kept 5 clean sheets and let in 62 goals. The third worst in the division. He did however score well as he faced 190 shots on target, but his xGC is on par with his GC (62.94/62).

The shoes (or gloves i guess) he has to fill are that of a Dean Henderson who kept 13 clean sheets and conceded just 33 goals despite facing 71 big chances and 129 shots on target. So if Aaron Ramsdale can replicate anything close to that he would be by far the best option

3) Lukas Fabianski

A proven face in the Premier League. Lukas Fabianski kept 5 of West Ham's 7 clean sheets last season. This is despite missing 13 games last season through injury. He also faced 111 shots on target during that period and bettered his xGC (41.27) by seven goals.

A good measurement for Fabianski is how he performed the season before. Despite keeping just 7 clean sheets, Fabianski would still have scored well in the Footstock matrix as he faced 200 shots on target and beat his xGC by a very impressive 14 goals (69.38).

If West Ham lay off signing another attacking player and improve their fragile defence then Lukas Fabianski could be an astute acquisition for freeroll teams.

2) Matt Ryan

On first glance Matt Ryan is an average pick. He kept nine clean sheets and conceded 54 goals (bettering his xCG by five goals). He did however accumulate 621 points over the course of the 2019/20 season. Which is the fifth best in the division.

This betters others in the list so far by some distance. He now also has Joel Veltman, what's likely to a new left back and maybe Ben White in front of him next season. Making a virtuals contender a possible freeroll contender.

1) Vicente Guaita

Guaita had the best PPG in Footstock for all GKs ahead of the restart and despite Palace's abysmal form at the end of last season his stats still fared well over the course of 35 games. 10 clean sheets and 42 goals conceded despite having an xGC of 51.46.

Whats off putting about Guaita is how dismal Crystal Palace have been without a crowd behind them. That said, they did have a very difficult fixture run at the end of the season and had nothing to play for. So an improvement may be in store.

In conclusion Guaita is a decent reasonably safe pick but if you want to be brave Ramsdale is a great option.

[Editors Note - Martin Dubravka was originally the number 1 choice until he got a 2 month injury, see the original details below]

Martin Dubravka - And in first is the proven Martin Dubravka. Not only did he keep more clean sheets than any of the other 2 star GK's apart from David De Gea (11), he also faced more shots on target (201) and big chances (91) than any other GK in the PL last season.

To put that in context, all other GKs who faced more than 184 shots on target failed to keep than 5 clean sheets.

Dubravka had the highest xGC than any other GK in the PL last season (67.21) but beat his expected rate by 9 goals.

In total, Martin Dubravka accumulated 643 points last season. This was only bettered by Nick Pope and Kasper Schmeichel. The only other Goalkeeper to score over 600 points in the 2 star region is Brighton's Matty Ryan.

There is a consistent theme emerging with the Newcastle Goalkeeper, as he kept the same number of clean sheets and beat his xGC by the same amount in 2019/20 as he did in 2018/19.

With no take over on the horizon i'm anticipating a similar style of football under Steve Bruce and similar returns for another season.

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