Footstock £100,000 Freeroll Analysis - 2 and 3 Star Midfielders/Attackers.

Ahead of the Footstock freeroll i'm going to share with you some of the things that I have learnt about the current two and three star players in the hope it may assist you with your selections.

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Again, thanks to Fantasy Football Hub for their fantastic tools and suave app that works ever so well and made a massive contribution to completing this thread.

5) Wilfred Zaha (3 Star)

Firstly the 'out there' shout and it may seem like a big 'out there' shout in the 2 and 3 star category to some (and biased to many).

It is the classic FPL troll Wilfried Zaha.Now, if he stays at Palace and could put his toys back in his pram and show the form he had 12+ months ago Wilfried Zaha could very easily suit the Footstock matrix.


Even last season, which wasn't his best season by any stretch of the imagination, Wilfried Zaha still had the second best base score across all Footstock players. This is largely because he finished second in the league for successful dribbles. Even surprising me!

He also had 239 touches in the penalty area last season which was more than any other player outside the top two teams and was only beaten by Raheem Sterling and Mo Salah. If we see the player from 2016 to 2018 again he could force himself in to many weekly tournament teams.

5) Mason Greenwood (3 Star)

We don't have the biggest sample size for Mason Greenwood but by gawd didn't he live up to the hype. Greenwood looks very effective already. With 10 goals despite only having 20 shots on target. 4 of these goals were also outside the box. Remarkable for somebody his age. On the eye test you can see why people compare his composure and finishing to that of a Prime Van Persie.

The risk however is Manchester United sign Jadon Sancho and Mason Greenwood gets rotated. So he may be worth considering in a later 100k freeroll team if that transfer doesn't materialise.

4) Sergio Aguero (2 Star)

Before the restart Sergio Aguero had just 28 shots on target last season. The return? 16 goals.

There's no denying how clinical he is, and with an extended run in the team you could be crying with laughter.

Literally everybody hates playing Aguero too. Teams with European ambitions? 11 in 16 against Spurs, 7 in 15 against Liverpool. Defensively solid teams? 2 in 2 against Sheff Utd, 15 in 13 against Newcastle Teams back in the PL? 8 in 12 against West Brom, 5 in 6 against Fulham.

3) Riyad Mahrez (3 Star)

Riyad Mahrez shouldn't be completely ignored either. Over the course of the season he started 21 matches (plus 12 as a sub). With his 31 shots on target he scored 11 goals and beat his xG of 7.61. Largely thanks to his ability to score from outside the box.

Mahrez also had 14 assists last season which was the third best in the league. He also ranked 3rd in the league for big chances created with 18. This was only beaten by Kevin De Bruyne and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Riyad Mahrez has the added advantage of being listed as a midfielder too. Whilst the likes of Salah, Sterling, Rashford, Auba, Adama and Greenwood are listed as attackers.

Personally, i prefer Sergio Aguero due to his ability to be explosive in front of goal but if you're concerned about his age, have your eyes on other forwards and you're worried Aguero may be injury prone then Riyad Mahrez could be an effective alternative.

1) Adama Traore (3 Star)

To think Adama Traore is a 3 star player is quite frankly nuts when you compare his key attributes to the Footstock scoring matrix.

Adama Traore had a total of 183 successful dribbles last season. To add context to this in 2nd place was Wilfried Zaha with 163. 3rd place? ASM with 123.

Successful dribbles are key to a good base score in Footstock alongside Total Contests Won. As a result Adama had a total base of 544 last season. When you consider this is 75 points ahead of 2nd place Zaha and 80 points ahead of Trent. That is absolutely phenomenal.

This all contributed to Adama Traore being the fifth highest scorer over the course of the 38 games last season. We should be grateful he isn't five stars!

It's also worth considering Wolves fixtures. Gameweeks 3 to 7 are absolutely juicy and there's no European football to contest with this season.

In short, I will be very surprised if Adama remains a 3 star player for very long. He suits the Footstock matrix and Wolves will be focused on the PL this season. At 3 star he seems very, very tempting.

So in conclusion the Man City players in this category are very tempting despite the risk of rotation, but the main man you should be targeting in this category based on last season is somebody who hasn't got to worry about European football this time round.

A few other names worth considering are

Pulisic -> Did well after the restart. May be worth monitoring the role he has in this new look Chelsea especially has he has just been confirmed fit.

JWP -> Saints seem to have significantly more set pieces than anybody.

Ayew -> Lol, not really.

Anyway I hope that you have enjoyed reading and that these articles have contributed to your thought process ahead of the 100k freeroll.

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