£10,000 Footstock Freeroll - Live!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The Footstock £10,000 freeroll is now live!

You can now enter your line ups and start dreaming about taking down that £5,000 first prize.

For those of you who are new to Footstock check out our Detailed Guide which explains everything you need to know then join our Slack Chat where members are presently discussing the best strategies.

So, onto the question that everyone is asking. How do I win this damn thing?

Before you do anything you need to understand how the contest works, the full rules taken from the Footstock site can be found at the bottom of this article. But luckily for you, we are here to help you break it down.

Once you understand the basics of Footstock you realise fantasy football contests are at its core. The £10,000 freeroll is a season-long version of their weekly fantasy football tournaments with some additional tweaks. The things to consider are -

Prize Money - This is the payout structure. It is worth noting that you can only win one prize, which is a great way to ensure everybody has a chance and nobody can sweep all the prizes.

Season Lock - You can enter a line up at any point in the season but won't be able to change it once it's locked in, Eriksen moves to Real Madrid in January, tough. Think very carefully about who you choose and also hope for some good luck.

Scoring - Each set of fixtures are classed as a gameweek, and your line up scores points to get a total score for each gameweek, so far so normal. But here's the clever the bit, it is not your overall score for the season which determines where you place on the leaderboard, it's your top five highest gameweek scores. There are 27 separate gameweeks which means your line up still has a chance of taking the top prize even if some of your players are out for the next three months, you are always in with a chance of getting the best five scores even up to the last five gameweeks. You are always in the game.

Manager of the week – The highest scorer of the week wins a Premier League or English football league shirt of your choice, very nice!

Multi Entry - You can enter as many times as you like, with the scoring mechanism based on the top five gameweek scores there is nothing to stop you putting some more line ups in later in the season if certain players hit form or there are some tasty fixtures why not give it a go. It is worth noting that the players you use are locked in for the season, they cannot be used in other contests or the roulette and can't be sold.

Line Up Construction - Your line up must have 11 players consisting of at least 1 Goalkeeper, 3 Defenders, 3 Midfielders, 2 Strikers, the other 2 can be from any other position. You are also restricted by player category having to ensure you have at least 2 x 1* players, 2 x 2* players and 2 x 3* players with the rest of your players being from any category and finally, you can’t have more than two players from each Premier League club. So what are you waiting for, click on the banner below and get in the game!

(The following information is copied from "Rules" document found on the Footstock website in the £10,000 freeroll contest page as at 15 Nov 2019)

Full Official Rules

When will the tournament run?

The tournament starts in gameweek 12 (Friday 8th November, 8pm) and finishes after

gameweek 38 (17th May, approx 5pm).

Are there any restrictions on entries?

Entries are free and you can enter as many times as you like throughout the tournament


Can I use the same player cards for multiple entries?

No, as per our normal tournament structures a card is ‘locked’ whilst it’s in an active

tournament. It can only be used for one entry, and will be unlocked once the tournament

is over. You will not be able to use, buy or sell that player card until the tournament is


Can I amend my entry e.g. make substitutions?

No, once the tournament starts in gameweek 12 entries can not be amended or


How will my team score points?

Players score points as per our normal scoring matrix. Your best five gameweeks will make

up your tournament score. This means even entries submitted during gameweek 34 have a

chance of winning the overall prizes. For example if you entered at the start then your

best 5 gameweeks (team total) will count, which could be say the total of your scores in

gameweeks 14, 21, 23, 25, 37.

How will my entry need to be set up?

To minimize duplicate entries and ensure all budgets can compete there are several lineup


• Entries must have 11 players, made up of: 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders,

2 strikers, 2 utility (any player position)

• Entries can’t have more than two players from each Premier League club e.g. you

can only select two Aston Villa players per entry.

• Entries must have the following star categories (at the time of entry): two 1 star

players, two 2 star players , two 3 star players, five players of any star category

What is a gameweek?

The tournament period will be split into 27 individual gameweeks, your best 5 scores

across the gameweeks will make up your overall score. See the bottom of these FAQs for

clarification on which fixtures are incorporated into each gameweek.

How will rearranged fixtures be treated?

Rearranged fixtures will not count towards scores if moved to a different gameweek. For

example if the Watford vs Man United fixture currently scheduled for 22nd December

(gameweek 18) is moved to 10th March it will no longer count towards the tournament

scoring. This was deemed the fairest way to treat fixture movements, avoiding the

potential for entries later in the season to target ‘double gameweeks’ and therefore have

an advantage.

How can I monitor my performance throughout the tournament?

The 10k freeroll will be visible throughout the tournament period in the tournaments area.

You will be able to view overall standings or just your entries. The ‘manager of the week’

winners will be announced via our social media platforms.

What is the ‘manager of the week’?

Manager of the week – wins a Premier League or English football league shirt of your

choice by getting the highest score in each individual gameweek. The winner will be

notified by social media and/or email. Naturally shirts are subject to availability, we’ll do

our best to get your first choice, but alternatives may need to be considered, especially

later in the season. Shirts from other leagues may be possible depending on availability.

What is the overall prize breakdown?

Total prize fund - £10,000

1st - £5,000

2nd - £2,000

3rd - £1,000

4th – 10th - £250

11th-15th - £50

Can I win more than one prize?

Each manager can only win one of the overall prizes. This ensures 15 different managers

will win prizes, and limits the possibility of one manager sweeping up all the prizes!

A manager can win ‘manager of the week’ multiple times.

How will ties be treated?

If two or more identical lineups finish in the prizes then the one submitted earliest will

take precedence.

If two or more non-identical lineups finish on the same points then prizes will be split.

Appendix – gameweek breakdown (Removed due to length, check the Footstock site "Rules" document for further details)

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